Family Friendly Activities for Minneapolis Area New Home Buyers

If you’re preparing to move to the Twin Cities, you likely already know about the pretty amazing culture that is found all around the area. For example: other than New York, Minneapolis has more theatre locations than anywhere else in the country. The lakes, the year-round fun, and the booming housing market are all great attractions for families looking for a great place to grow. When you are ready to take the plunge with your new Minneapolis home, here are some family friendly activities that you can check out to make the city feel like home:

Minneapolis Family Activities in the Spring and Summer

Outdoorsy families will love this area, because there is just no end to the fun you can have in the Great Lakes area. In addition to visiting the lake of course (where you can take a canoe or a kayak out for an amazing view of the city skyline), you can go zip lining through trees, ride bikes on the many paved paths, hike through beautiful forested areas, or even take a Segway Magical History Tour of downtown.

If you prefer to enjoy the warmer weather a little more passively, you can also go to a Twins game, watch a few horse races from May to September, or visit the many art and science museums. On the first Saturday of every month, the Walker Art Center is free and open to the public, so why not head down to check out the beautiful exhibits? Minneapolis is also host to a huge array of parks where you can play some Frisbee golf or fly some kites.

Minneapolis Family Activities in the Colder Weather

When the cold weather rolls around in other cities, you have to close up shop and get creative with free time to keep your kids occupied. Not so in Minneapolis! Here in the Twin Cities, family friendly activities don’t stop just because of a little snow. When you’re ready to bundle up and leave the cozy warmth of your new home for a while, you can try out fun winter activities like indoor ice skating and cross-country skiing but why not try out something that you can’t get anywhere else?

Other fun things to do indoors in Minneapolis all year long include the Sky Zone indoor trampoline park, Family Fun Nights with the Minnesota Timberwolves (ice cream, popcorn, and a postgame free throw for the kids!), The Raptor Center, and much more. You can also find a lot of free events at the Ramsey County Library. Take the little ones in for story time in the spacious kid’s library area. Even the Como Park Zoo gets in on some winter action. Kids will love going in for story time and to see a few of the active animals every Thursday during the winter and it’s totally free!

Getting to Know Minneapolis for New Home Buyers

For families, there really is no end of fun things to do around the city, but you will also notice that most of these activities are easy to schedule around your own busy life. After all, as a new home buyer in the area, you’ll want plenty of time to get to know the neighbors, explore your neighborhood, and settle in at home. The great thing about the city is that while it offers tons of big city amenities, it still has that charming, homey feeling of a Midwestern town.

So welcome to Minneapolis, a great place to raise your family all year long! Get your new home ready for move in today.

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