Fagile Items: Here’s How To Move Them

The problem of anyone who’s ever moved is damage to fragile or irreplaceable items along the route.

Whether you decide to have friends aid you, or you employ a moving service to transport your belongings, you have a few things to keep in mind whenever you pack things that may well break.

Below are great tips for packing your most fragile items:

Consider a specialty moving service.

Relocating items like art, statues, pianos, and the like, can be a science. Services who focus on moving things like these can coordinate the move along with your moving service, and frequently offer temporary or long-term storage options.

Keep in mind that the main cause of breakage is often a drop.

In case you have any question about whether you’re in a position to move something safely, don’t make an effort to move it yourself. It’s very common to overestimate your capacity to handle delicate objects while your path might be obstructed, or while you might not see things that happen to be in your way.

Go for multiple people to handle larger fragile items, and make sure the route to the doorway is clear and free from obstructions.

Use ample packing material.

Moving is not any time for you to go cheap on packing material. Rather than choosing less costly packing paper or newspaper, wrap your items in bubble wrap and fill boxes with packing peanuts or packing paper. Effective packing materials are less expensive than replacing a busted item.

Don’t overfill boxes containing fragile items.

You have to protect fragile objects from moving inside packing containers, but overfilling boxes is certain to damage anything fragile inside. Never fill a box greater than 3/4 full. Fill at least 1/4 of each carton with packing material, and disperse the packing material evenly on every side to distribute vibrations and shock in the event of an accident.

Always pack cartons containing fragile things on top of boxes containing weightier items.

Moving boxes can be sturdy, but time, humidity as well as heat are going to cause the sturdiest of boxes to collapse, often within minutes. If you’ve packed breakable things in a box and placed anything heavy on top, the bottom box may collapse, and your fragile goods are very likely to break.

Load the most fragile things in storage tubs.

Plastic storage tubs are great places to put your fragile objects. They’re more robust than cardboard boxes, usually include handles, and can be used at your new residence to hold items you just use occasionally, such as holiday items.

Take Care

If you are taking proper measures when packing breakable things, your move may very well be damage-free.

As an alternative, you can avoid the stress – hire a professional that will ensure your breakable belongings make it to the new residence without hassle.

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