Fabulous candles to light up your life

Get beyond ordinary candles and get hold of aesthetically pleasing candles specially designed for prayers and transforming the ambiance. Candles are essential parts of religious rituals and are widely used in the occult sciences to cast spells and invoking powers of the spirits inhabiting the other world.

At wisdom products you get access to a huge array of candles ranging from ritual candles to simple household candles. Some of the types of candles available for customers have been listed here.

Candles for rituals

The 7 day reversible candle comes with a combination of red and black colours. This candle can be used to reverse the effects of evil. You need to burn the red portion of the candle first to get positive vibrations beneficial for your home or office. Thereafter, you are required to burn the black portion of the candle to be freed of evil influences. You must write your wish on a parchment paper and place it under the candle. The candle can be burnt continuously until it is consumed or you can also opt to burn it for an hour everyday.

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7 day blockbuster candle in pink and gold colours can be used to overcome daunting problems and break any spell cast on you. The ritual involves anointing the candle with special number 20 oil, reading the 23rd psalm and writing the wish on a parchment paper. The paper is to be placed under the candle followed by lighting the candle and meditating on the wish. This can be done for an hour everyday or until the candle is consumed completely. The parchment paper should be buried at the end of the ritual.

Glass candles

Various types of glass candles are available in the store such as 50 hours, 4 days, 7 days and 14 days glass candles. Glass candles come in a multitude of colours such as yellow, orange, black, blue, white, etc.


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