Commercial VS Industrial Painters and Decorators

Both industrial and commercial decorators do an amazing work. Many people get confused when they see these two words and they might even sound alike. But that is not true. Today we are going to talk about what job industrial painters do that commercial painters can’t and what are special features of these jobs.

What do decorators and painters do?

First of all, decorators or painters are the ones who work with clients on colour selection. They are the ones who you decide paint prices with and whether you want pro paint, office paint, indoor paint, outside paint, trim paint or exterior paint. People who specialize on interior paint, wall painting and those who work for industrial or commercial painting companies calculate how much materials are needed for the project they are given. Moreover, the company can help you decide the numbers painters needed to do the work.

It may have surprised you but, actually, these people do a lot of work, especially those who practice painting quotes and decorative painting, since all of them require creativity and understanding of quality painting. This will work for those who like experiments with industrial spray paint and industrial art paintings and extravagant designs for inside paint and industrial wall paint. If you need to paint your house exterior or do an apartment painting, it’s your choice as well.

However, when hiring someone, you should keep in mind that this person must have knowledge of health and safety precautions. People in our company are all aware of all the rules and know what to do in case of possible danger and/or unexpected situations. But we always work carefully, so cases where our workers can use them are not frequent.

Industrial decorators (RD)

Industrial decorators work with industrial premises – bridges, barns, warehouses, hangars, high rise buildings etc. In other words, their “tasks” are big and massive buildings or constructions, which increases the job’s risk and test the workers’ fears, since industrial decorators often work at heights and have a pretty big volume job. That’s why there sometimes are lots of industrial painting vacancies for spray painting contractors and many painters needed in industrial painting companies.

Materials, which industrial painting specialists in our company use, are known as very expensive, yet “best exterior house paint” and result in the best painting of your house you have ever had. Industrial decorators are people who do one of the most important and responsibility-required work. This is why industrial painters have rigorous annual training and follow strict health and safety measures and procedures. Also, they are ought to be provided with safety belts, safety hats and other equipment. So, before hiring someone to do industrial floor paint or just google “industrial painting companies near me”, you should first check if they are aware of safety rules and have proper equipment.

Commercial decorators (CD)

Commercial decorators are usually hired to do cheap house paint, home painting and outdoor house paint. They also paint educational establishments, offices, labs, research units, galleries, warehouses, school, banks, hospitals etc and look for local painting contractors or commercial paining contractors (for example, in commercial painting company). As you can see, these people do quite a difficult work. Generally, commercial painting jobs always demand active and hard-working character, along with patience and stubbornness. Although commercial decorators don’t often experience dangerous cases like industrial decorators do. Yet, there are always some risks, so they should be prepared as well.


All in all, industrial decorators have higher public insurance than their colleagues and much more dangerous work to do, but commercial decorators’ work shouldn’t be underrated because of this. Both of them pay attention to own efficiency, own and public health and safety, use of specialist materials, use of painted premises by other while the work is being carried out, following client’s safety measures and other necessary routines. They are members of a Health and Safery body or a professional association for the purpose of assurance and responsible for the appearance of your house, hospital or office.

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