Cold Room Hire = Solution

Are you the proud owner of an eating establishment that as seen a pleasing increase in customers and so your refrigeration storage capacity is in need of urgent expansion to meet demand and satisfy health and safety laws?

Is there too little room in the kitchen to be able to comfortably house a new fridge? Are you currently trying to ram too much stock in to existing equipment?

Are you wondering how you’ll be able to cope with the Christmas party season on top of the already increasing number of happy eaters who have taken to frequenting your establishment?

Last question…Have you considered cold room hire as a means to make life easier for everyone in the kitchen area?

It’s a fantastic feeling when a business venture enjoys success and when your restaurant, pub or café is being widely recommended to others so you have to turn custom away. It’s then that you know that you are truly doing well.

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Alongside the euphoria (and relief) is the logistical side of the business. If your custom grows and your kitchen refrigeration storage stays the same size, you need to confidently cope with the additional demand.

Well, obviously the essential kitchen staff and the integral catering tools cannot be moved out of the environment without risking hygiene, standards and customer service but you can take your additional refrigeration requirements to a convenient area without too much fuss.

There’s the space just outside the kitchen, in a disused function room or by the back door, for example, these are excellent positions for a walk in cold room.

They can be placed either indoors or outdoors so the choice of location is yours. A cold room offers flexibility.

Staff will still be able to work in the original and well set up kitchen environment without having an extra fridge/freezer plonked in their way or a long walk to source ingredients.

You can hire cold rooms for a short time until another permanent solution has been found or the cold room itself can become your solution. Companies like the long established Icecool Trailers who cover the south of England, Wales and the Midlands are happy to agree long term hire.

A walk in cold room has its own lighting, an impressive capacity, shelving and room to move within it. Food groups can be stored separately and staff won’t have to earn themselves a bad back by being hunched over in the cold room. Every need is satisfied.

The walk in cold rooms can be assembled on site if necessary by a number of cold room providers; they appreciate that if the cold room is to be located inside it may not have space when already built to get through a door so provision has been made for this.

Suppliers can often deliver the cold rooms the same day as ordered or you can pre book, again great flexibility.

Don’t turn away business when you have a perfect solution in a walk in cold room.

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