Central Heating – The Most Important Home System of All

If you happen to reside in the UK, you will know all about the cold and inclement weather and for a large part of the year, your central heating system is something you simply cannot be without. Not only does this complex collection of pipes, pumps and radiators keep you and your family warm and snug throughout the winter months, it also provides you with all the hot water you need.

Gas Fired Central Heating

The vast majority of British homeowners opt for a gas fuelled central heating system and for good reason. We in the UK are fortunate to have natural gas piped directly into our homes and being a cheaper alternative to electricity, gas is the natural choice for many. Whether you are looking for a new gas boiler in Birmingham or a service call in Nottingham, the Internet is the best tool for sourcing reliable central heating services.

The Importance of Quality Components

When you consider the fact that a central heating system works round the clock, day in day out, it becomes apparent that the system needs to be of the highest quality. Take the boiler, for example, which must be filled and heated continuously, as the hot water is circulated around the house and by the time it arrives back at the boiler, it needs to be reheated. Even the very best central heating systems require regular servicing and usually, the company that installed the system would also maintain it.

Preventative Maintenance

If you are of the opinion that a central heating system only requires attention when it malfunctions, be prepared for some serious repair bills. Even a small issue can cause a major problem, if left unchecked and a boiler replacement isn’t going to be cheap, which is why the manufacturer recommends regular servicing at specified intervals. Failure to do so could render your warranty null and void and that will leave you with a hefty bill to pay. When you install a new central heating system, the supplier would offer a servicing package, which involves regular inspections before and after the winter. Any issues will quickly be identified and remedied and this prevents a major problem in the future.

Boiler Installation

The heart of the system, the boiler needs to be installed precisely and the supplier would have an experienced team to handle every aspect of the installation. The boiler would be well insulated to ensure optimum efficiency and the burners would be finely calibrated upon initial startup, something that ensures a clean and lean burn.

The importance of proper maintenance cannot be overstressed and the older the system becomes, the more important the servicing. Preventative maintenance is a large part of the central heating company’s activities and if you were to ask an expert, he would have to agree that preventative maintenance is the most cost effective way to maximise the life of the boiler and ensure minimal fuel use.

If your gas fired central heating isn’t performing as it should, call in a local service company to assess the system and any issues can be quickly resolved.

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