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When your home needs to be repainted, indoors or out, you may find that you need Carpentry Repair Services Denver CO before the work ever begins. This is because if the surface is damaged too much, it will not do any good to paint it. The substrate is too damaged. So that is why our expert in-house carpenters work to make sure that every surface is ready for painting before our painting crew ever begins their application work.

We use an integrity test to make sure that boards are in good condition before we begin painting. We don’t want to apply any product that will not properly adhere to the board, and we want to make sure you’re not wasting your money on product for application on wood boards or trim that are beyond repair. So whether you just need a couple of boards replaced, a bit of trim swapped out, or an entire exterior wall of your home re-sided, we can do it all, and do it right.

Additionally, interior repairs are also often needed before painting work can begin. If you need board replacement, or any other wooden component replaced before we can paint, our talented and experienced carpenters will do the work right to ensure the final surface coat of paint leaves a fantastic impression.

If you have carpentry projects in mind for the interior of your home, we can do more than just make repairs. Our carpenters can rebuild cabinets, build bookshelves, and more. We can then finish out those pieces so that your home’s fresh new look will look great.

For each of our jobs, we recommend using only the best products. We want to make sure that the paint job on your home lasts for years to come, so we select the premium paints, primers, and stains that will leave a beautiful end result. When you call us, you can be sure that our carpenters will carefully cut, sand, and install whatever pieces they need to so that each coat of paint or stain will be aesthetically pleasing.

Since we do our own carpentry, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a general contractor or another carpenter to complete the repair work or carpentry projects you want for your home. We look forward to providing carpentry repair services Denver CO to your home soon.

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