Buying a Mural for Your Home

The right mural can transform the rooms in your home from average into something special. The hard part is finding the right mural to begin with. We often look at buying a mural in the same light as finding that perfect large canvas print that many people choose to provide as a focal point for their rooms.

To help you with placement and size we’ve put together this handy guide which will make the task a lot easier.

Location is Everything

If you want your guests to be wowed as soon as they enter your home, your mural should be placed within your hallway or the first room you’re likely to enter depending on your homes layout.

If your mural is more of a personal artistic choice, the bedroom is also a great location.

  • Small spaces can be made to feel larger than they really are by the inclusion of a large wall mural.
  • Wall murals are also great for providing light to dark corners.
  • A fun pattern often works better than plaint print or text.

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Choose Your Image

A lot of consideration needs to be given to the image you will choose for your mural. Most people will want to remember a special event or occasion that they caught on film. For these instances, a high quality digital file can be blown up and easily printed onto canvas or vinyl depending on your preference.

If you don’t have an image in mind, we would suggest browsing through the catalogue of one of the many online mural retailers. There are often hundreds of designs to choose from which should make finding the right one a breeze.

Alternatively, consider browsing an online image gallery and creating a shortlist of images that you like. Landscapes are always a good choice and these image files can often be downloaded for free.

Do You Have a Size Preference?

The minimum size of your mural will depend on your chosen retailer but most will be at least 1.8m x 1.5m. Bigger is always better so a full size mural is recommended but if this will be your first, getting accustomed with a smaller mural first is perfectly acceptable.

What we will say is that a full size mural is often better value for money as the price difference when moving up a size is small.

Your Choice of Material

Murals should never be printed on paper if they’re going to last. Instead, vinyl or similar tear resistant material is always the better option.

Your chosen retailer will have a range of materials to choose from so ask them for their advice. They may steer you in a certain direction depending on which room the mural will be going in.

Find a Retailer

All that’s left is to find a suitable retailer. Home wall murals can be bought online or from a high street store – we suggest visiting a store in the first instance to get a feel for what a mural looks like up close. From there, simply choose your design and place your order.

Before you know it, your new mural will provide a new lease of life to your home and provide a talking point for when friends come round.

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