9 Simple and Easy Tips to Clean your Windows Like a Pro

Window cleaning should be left to the professionals because it is time-consuming and you don’t know the best ways in ensuring your windows are cleaned optimally. If you live in Houston, there are quality window washing Houston professionals that can provide you with window washing services.

But if you love cleaning your home, then apply these professional tips in cleaning your windows effectively and efficiently.

Early Morning or Late Afternoon

Choose to clean your windows when the sun is not directly shining to your windows. A cloudy day is perfect for window cleaning!  If you clean when the sun is up very strongly, this will cause your cleaning agent to dry and will create water spots in your windows. Not a pretty sight.

Clean up the built-up dust

Start your window cleaning by removing the dust that has already built up the past few days. Clear the window sides of dust to make the cleaning more efficient. If you use window blinds, use an antiseptic spray after you clean the blinds to make it dust resistant.

Make your cleaning solution

Save money by creating your own window washing liquid. Just add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of warm water and voila, you can have clean windows easily! If you have really dirty windows, you can add two tablespoons of ammonia.

If your window frames have mildew, use a solution with a bleach-detergent solution. Place the sponge in the solution for 10 minutes before cleaning the window frames fraught with mildew.

If you have smokers in your home, this means that second-hand smoke reaches your windows. To remove the nicotine, use an ammonia solution to counter it. Ordinary bleach-detergent solutions won’t cut it.

Don’t overdo the spray

When you use your spray, don’t overdo it and make it too wet and drippy. This will slow down the cleaning process and waste your cleaning solution.

Wipe off the excess water

After the initial use of the sponge to clean the windows, make sure you remove the excess water. You can use a clean squeegee and use the reverse S-pattern to be more efficient.

Dry up

You can use crumpled newspapers or a microfiber cleaning cloth to dry up the edges of the windows. Crumple the newspaper into a ball shape type to finish up the cleaning.

Use two scrubbers

The outside windows are going to be much dirtier due to the risk of pollutants and bird excrement than the inside ones so invest in separate scrubbers, one for the inside, the other for the outside.

Use toothpaste

If your windows have scratches, it’s time to put the good old toothpaste to use. Put a small amount of toothpaste to your cleaning cloth and then rub on the scratch for half a minute. Use a separate clean cloth to wipe it away and watch the miracle of a scratch-free window unfold.

Use old t-shirts

Instead of using paper towels or expensive cleaning cloth, go to your basement and look for your old t-shirts. You save money, and the old t-shirts are absorbent enough to clean the windows.

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