9 Essential Things Remember When Choosing a Table Lamp

If you got so much love for decorating your home, you’ll end up realizing that it is the tiny details that make it unique and meaningful. Although not everyone appreciates lighting stuff for home decors, especially table lamps but these lights create a great impact on your interior design. It is the lighting that eventually sets the mood and the room vibe. If you want to buy a lamp, you have to consider the size, style, and brightness.

Choosing the right table lamp can bring symmetry, contrast, texture, color, and course illumination to any room it beautifies. It shapes the character and attitude of a room. Furthermore, it makes a statement about your personality. Through choosing the right light for your home, people will have a chance to get to know you better.

Aside from it reveals your personality, it also defines the functional areas of your home. Having an interior plan does not have to expensive, it just needs to be a well-thought plan. We’ve got few important tips for you to bear in mind when hunting for the perfect table lamp.


Take a look first of finding the right spot for your table lamp before shopping.

Correct Lamp Height and Size

Analyzing the correct height and size of your table lamp is the trickiest part. In choosing the perfect lamp, you might ask yourself as to how big your lamp should be. The answer would be, you must consider the measurement of the table wherein the lamp will be placed.

When buying a table lamp for an end table, take into consideration the combined height of both the lamp and table. This rule holds true for all lamps in a room.  It helps give the room a consistent look.

Take note: The bottom shade of the light of your table must just be within the eye level because if it’s too tall, it might blind the person sitting next to it. So, measure everything before choosing.

Shape of the Lamp

Sometimes, we had small lamp placed on a big table or the other way around which makes it not proportional. When buying a lamp, also consider how active your home is. If you have children or pets that you let roam around your room, you can have the heavier lamps. And if you have inactive room, you can choose the light lamps.

Appropriate Lampshade

Lampshades come in many shapes. When you mismatch the shade to the base, you might not achieve the harmony of style and function that you would like to have. Right lampshade means perfect for eye relaxation. It speaks to the overall appeal of the lamp. White and ivory are usually the colors of the lampshades.

These colors lighten the ambiance of the room. But, if these colors are not your taste then nothing to worry because there are now new other colors that give your room some dramas. Perfect for reminiscing! You can direct down your room with the color that you would like to have. You could also have these colors combined to give more melodramatic ambiance.

Take note: Do not just only pay attention of combining both the height of the lamp and the table but also the diameter of the lamps’ shade as well. Moreover, the widest part of the lamp should have the same width of its shade and not exceed up to two times of its width. Also, do not forget to match the mood of the base to its shade.

Right color

When choosing the right color of the lamp that you would like to have, you must not only choose it because it’s your favorite color but also think of the color if it complements your room. Sometimes, having just one color might seem to be boring but having so many colors makes it complicated. In choosing the right color, avoid those colors that can give your room a yellow color. Choose those lamps that can produce natural light looking. These will create a perfect comfortable ambiance of your room.

Take note: Just choose only one to three color and make sure it counterparts each other.

Lamp style 

You can only mix different styles if it complements each other. Like if they have the same shape, color, or shade. So, choose wisely!


When choosing the design of your table lamps, also remember the location where you would like to put it. Check if the design you would like to fits the location. Your table lamps must produce a serenity and comfortable ambiance. Make a great choice because the design you choose expresses yourself!

Perfect match for metals

Avoid mixing too many different colors of metals. Choose only metals that have the same elements and looks great if you combine them like copper and bronze, silver and gold, and the like.

Best Bulbs

Light bulbs for lamps come in different shapes. Each shape can provide an exceptional spread and angle of light. Thus, don’t forget to choose the right bulb and take time to review on how it looks whether being switch on or off.

In today’s generation, LED lighting is the most preferred choice by many rather than having old CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) because it consumes a lesser amount of energy. That means you can save more money.

Tips: Check if the bulb you chose can offer a great amount of light for a small amount of power, brighten up quickly, and does not lose light over time.


There’s nothing compares to the joy a light could bring into a living room that has designs of well-chosen lamps. Having these table lamps in your home creates a fresh and presentable atmosphere. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry to have these lamps assemble all by yourself because today’s lamps are already portable. So, check for the appropriate lighting that you need. Stores like Lamp Twist has different kinds of lamps that will surely fit for your site. Remember to choose the not only affordable one but also the comfortable one perfect for your taste. What are you waiting for? Hunt now the best table lamp suitable for your reading time and make it one of the most memorable and relaxing moments of your life.

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