6 Easy TipsToMaintain Your Lawn In Top Condition Always

A great tradition of any Aussie garden is a delightful expanse of green lawn. It’s quite rare to see a suburban home without a show lawn in front.

Lawn provides a cozy space to sit, rest, lie down, sip tea, play with children and party with friends. In order to enjoy all these activities, it’s crucial for you to maintain your lawn in top condition.

Landscaping experts at share here tips on how to maintain your lawn.

1. Water Lawns Correctly

Obviously you should water your lawns. But are you giving the correct amount of water to your lawns? And do you check whether your sprinklers are working properly?

If you water your lawns too much, their stems and leaves will be weakened and get damaged easily when you walk or play on them. Or the lawns can even drown if their roots are water logged as they are deprived of oxygen required for living.

It’s easy to adjust lawn watering by monitoring its health in any growing season and keeping watering timing up or down till it’s just right. You can approach and get help for the best gardening services Kensington by Amico to learn this.

2. Mow Lawns Regularly

When you mow your lawn at correct frequency, depending onhow fast it grows, you can reduce the buildup of thatch and water can reach roots more easily.

Regular lawn mowing helps lawn’s energy to be spent on tillering (producing more number of green leaves) whereby turf looks more attractive and won’t spread quickly.

Also correct mowing of lawns eliminates many flowers and seeds of weeds that would drop into the lawn otherwise and produce more weeds.

Lawns love correct mowing because it makes them healthy and look better after each mowing.

3. Fertilise Lawns Correctly

Not all lawns in Australia belong here. Based on their type, the first lawn plants might have originated from several different places from across the world, maybe China, Africa or the Americas.

Australian soils lack in food needed by lawns to stay healthy. Therefore, if you want your lawns to flourish, you’ll have to give them additional nutrients they are missing.

You should use lawn fertiliser which is a combination of nutrients required for lawns to stay healthy, combat diseases and weeds, and look beautiful.

4. Lawn Weeds, Diseases and Pests

Three factors that are harmful for the looks and health of lawns are weeds, diseases and pests.

If not taken care of promptly, they can completely ruin your lawns, making them look ugly and unwelcoming for you and your kids and guests.

Plus, you’ll need a lot of time, efforts and money to make your ugly lawn beautiful and healthy again.

5. Preventing and Correcting Lawn Compaction

Lawn breaks when you squash it. While stems and leaves of lawns take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, their roots need oxygen from the soil to live. If they don’t get it, they can become sick or even die.

Soil can get compacted and lawns can become squashed due to a regular walkaway over the lawn or if cars are driven on it.

However, as we need to walk, play and picnic over the lawn, lawn soil is bound to become compacted over time. The solution to this is to aerate the soil every few years or whenever required. A lawn coring machine can do the job excellently.

6. Avoid Buildup of Lawn Thatch

The natural thatch layer that maintains the health of the lawns and make them tough to walk and play on, and protects the soil below from evaporation will keep building up over time.

It’ll look brown when you mow the lawn, making you think you cut it too short. However, if you just kept increasing the height of your mower, the thatch would grow even quicker and the problem of lawn thatch will worsen fast.

You need to trim the lawn often to avoid this. The process is known as Vertimowing or Scarifying and it’ll remove excess thatch and allow the lawn to regenerate.

Follow these tips and the green lawn in your garden will always please and delight you.

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