5 Helpful Ideas for Low Maintenance Landscape Design That Are Perfect in Houston

In every house, front yard has been given a tremendous amount of attention since the beginning of post-modern era wherein aesthetic has become a symbol not just of beauty, but also of social status. As a result, landscape design was thought as a luxury and an expensive house ornament to build and maintain throughout the years. However, the time has gone when the materials, the preferred landscape design, and all-year maintenance cost high.

If you are planning to renovate the aesthetic and look of your front yard to a low maintenance home garden, the following ideas can guide you on what you should consider.

  1. Use Another Grass Species As An Alternative Ground Cover

In a traditional front yard landscape, the grass is the universal ground cover. However, people today are busy that even lawn mowing seems difficult to do regularly. As a solution, you can use another grass species like clover as a replacement. Your garden will benefit from its dry climate tolerance, ability to fight stubborn weeds, and bug-resistant trait.

  1. A Strong Ground Cover Foundation Is a Must

To avoid minor inconvenience, it is essential to have a long-lasting surface and firm foundation. You can use ground cover stones and lay eight to ten tiles in front of your front door or anywhere you desire. It will not just keep stubborn weeds away but also the tiring chore of lawn mowing. Also, be creative on how you want to design it!

  1. Consider the Art of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is an excellent solution for warm climate areas, especially during summer. In Houston, Texas where the weather leans toward a more heated state, a Xeriscape landscape design is suitable and a must-have in every home garden. Its resistance to dry climate can also help homeowners save money from the effects drought can cause. You can use Aloe Vera, Autumn Joy, and Native Wildflowers.

  1. Try Rock Gardens to Achieve Low Maintenance Garden

Another alternative solution for warmer areas is building a Rock Garden. This new and excellent landscape design helps homeowners to maintain less of their front yard garden without worries drought can bring. Moreover, using rocks for your front yard will also lessen the amount of your water bill since you do not need to water it.

  1. Plant a Native Plants and Grass

Planting native species of plants and grass in your garden is better than exotic species to the natural climate state in your area. You do not need to look after it every day just to make sure it won’t die. And as a further result, it will eventually save you extra money on fertilizers and maintenance. If you are residing in Southeast of America, Bermuda grass is the best while ryegrass is well suitable in Northeast.

All in all, building and maintaining aesthetically beautiful front yard gardens are becoming cost-effective than the previous years. Now, spending high amounts of money for it has a solution as low maintenance landscape design Houston texas is more accessible to achieve.

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