4 Practical Bathroom Renovation ideas to Consider

When it comes to home renovation, not all projects are equal.  Rooms of equal size, actually, are not necessarily equal in terms of the work involved.  As a matter of fact, the smallest rooms in your home might actually require the most work.  

The bathroom, for example, is one of the most complex rooms you could renovate, which also makes it one of the riskiest financial investments you could make. Still, if you manage to do it right, you could recoup upwards of 60 percent of your projected remodeling costs in resale value.  

The average bathroom remodel (in the United States) costs nearly $30,000 and if you want to maximize your return here are four ideas for Renovco bathroom renovations you should definitely consider:

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“Green” home renovations are all the rage, and in no room is this shift more important than the bathroom.  With a sink, toilet, and shower all using the precious natural resource of water, shifting to fixtures that aid in conservation is certainly a smart way to go. Bonus: not only will this be an attractive feature to potential buyers, but it could save you money on your water bill until the day you do finally sell and move out.


Now, it is not easy to make a bathroom bigger, but if you can manage to do it the upgrade can be a welcomed change.  If you are not able to make a significant change to the size, you could invest in fixtures, furniture, shelving, and other accoutrements that make better use of the space.


When it comes to a green bathroom, low-flow faucets are not the only things you should consider. While you can certainly use energy-efficient light bulbs, you might also want to look at different fixtures to change the way light affects the space. Lighting really can affect mood, so you might be surprised by how much of a change this can make.


It is not necessarily something that we like to think about but a bathroom needs excellent ventilation.  There are many reasons a bathroom needs ventilation and you don’t really know how important it is until it is not working well.  To put it simply, ventilation ensures proper air flow and that minimizes both moisture and odor which also minimizes mold build up and maximizes comfort.


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